Brocko The Clown

JUGGLING:  Focus!  Focus!  Concentrate!  Watch Brocko juggle different things, and let him teach you a thing or two (or three!) about the fine art of juggling!

FACE PAINTING:  Li’l Rosie creates art to wear!  Chose from her vast array of designs, from “eye candy” to full-face creations!

BALLOON ANIMALS:  Brocko and Li’l Rosie are animal lovers, and they turn balloons into a menagerie!  Listen to the stories behind the animals and have a great time!

Clowning has been part of a family tradition for decades.  Li’l Rosie got the bug from her parents who were clowns in Maryland.  A long a rich tradition in the local circus. She grew up with famous circus clowns coming over to spend time visiting with her parents. The fun and excitement from the passion of her parents was ingrained in Lil’Rosie at a very early age.

We would like to welcome Brocko The Clown as This year’s State Business Expo  Exhibitor.   This is an exciting opportunity for us to collaborate and work together to support  Brevard small business and Entrepreneurs together. Please join us May 6-7, 2017 at the Melbourne Square Mall to celebrate this Biggest  Business event of the year.

Tables area as low as $79 for both days (that’s less than $40 a day). Visit our website for more details and all the fun and excitement we have planned for this busy shopping weekend.