Sahara Rose (Sponsor)

Sahara Rose is a Florida based natural luxury skin care company founded by Ikram Elharti.  With her Moroccan roots, passion for nature and the wealth of family recipes and beauty secrets, inspired her to create Sahara Rose™.
Her promise to every woman is GLOWING and RADIANT skin, ALL NATURALLY.
It is hard to describe the beauty of Moroccan women in a single sentence – it is so natural and effortless that it has a lovely ethereal element in it. This was the idea behind the inception of Sahara Rose!

“Every woman should feel beautiful and confident, and my goal was to provide easy-to-use products that are safe and effective.  We rely on thousands of years of ancient beauty rituals and traditional medicinal knowledge, which most of it was proven to be used since the Roman and Egyptian royalty.

”We would like to welcome Ikram Elharti – Shara Rose to this year’s SSBX 2017 State Small Business Expo as an Exhibitor and a prime Sponsor of this year’s event. Thank you for supporting us and all the local business here on the Space Coast.
If you are a local business owner, Entrepreneur or a Startup company you are welcome to join us at the Melbourne Square Mall May 6th &7th the week prior to Mother’s day.
Table space for both days are so affordable that you can’t afford not to be here. Tables area as low as $79 for both days (that’s less than $40 a day). The location to one of Melbourne’s prime shopping areas, the Melbourne square Mall. Visit our website for more details and all the fun and excitement we have planned for this busy shopping weekend.